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One-of-a-Kind Hand Made Knives

Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Kitchen, Collector. 

Welcome to Ostech Tactical Custom Knives.
I proudly manufacture custom made knives to my design or yours. All knives are completely hand made using traditional blacksmith and metal working techniques.
All blades can be finished in any way you can imagine from basic daily knives to specific chef knives, hunting and skinning knives, camp knives and full blown presentation pieces for the ultimate gift to your loved one.
Hand forged in house and to order Damascus and San Mai steel blades also available along with hand worked leather sheaths or in house made Kydex for all of our blades if required.
I specialise in High Carbon steel blades for ultimate performance in the field or in the kitchen. These blades will last a lifetime and give the user the satisfaction of owning a one of a kind knife.
Clients can choose and specify every aspect of their piece from style, steel type based on proposed use, handle scale type, decorative filework or pattern etching, etc, etc. You dream it, I will personally work with you to make it a reality.
All blades come with a certificate of manufacture which outlines all aspects of manufacture, blade hardness, care, and materials used.
For general enquiries please enter contact details and query in the 'Get in Touch' page below. For technical or custom work enquiries please hit the 'Support' tab at top left of page to enter your specific enquiry.